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October 22

Wrecking Toyota Tercel Parts

The Toyota Tercel became a popular model when the Japanese imports began to flow into New Zealand in the 1990′s and in 2000.

The early Toyota Tercel car was designed to be in between the Starlet and Corolla which Toyota thought would be popular. The model changed considerably over the production period based on client demands and the models had various names around the world. There was a Toyota Corsa (still seen in New Zealand and currently being wrecked) and the 4×4 Tercel which was of appeal to clients in rural areas. The Tercel parts are still available through our Toyota car wreckers years in Glenfield and Avondale and prove to be sought after by end users. This proves that the cars are well made and robust to be so long lasting and still on the road. The Tercel headlights can be purchased new and used (used Tercel parts vary due to stock holdings) along with radiators, side panels, bonnets, dashboards, seats, seatbelts and Tercel windscreens.

Other cars we wreck that can be calssifies in the toyota import section go under the name of Toyota Cynos and Toyota Sprinter. It was referred to also as a Toyoya Paseo which was a mix of both by visual appearance and we still get regular enquiries on this car als0.

There was the carib 4wd and also the Ceres. These models were popular in New Zealand and led to many companies importing them. there are many of thewse vehciles on the road and accordingly we carry alot of parts to satisfy demand.

If you are unsure on your vehicle ring one of our qualified staff and quote your Toyota model number to see if we have the parts in stock.