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October 22

New and Used Toyota Prius Parts in stock

The Toyota Prius took the world by storm in 1997 when the oil crisis was reaching a peak and the environment was on everybody’s lips. The Prius was designed with economy in mind and the environment.

New Zealander’s took to the Prius like a duck to water and accordingly the parts in Auckland for these popular vehicles are also in demand. The wrecking of a Prius is always our priority for parts, however we subsidise the used parts with new parts straight from the manufacturers at very reasonable pricing also. The Prius tend to be mainly used in the city areas as a shopping cart and for families to escape in on the weekends and therefore city living can create a few dings and bruises around the headlights, bumpers, rear tail lights and rear bumpers. These can lead into side panels, doors and bonnets if the dings turn into a collision. If you are in Auckland looking for parts then give us a call. We also ship nationwide down the country.

Toyota Prius Parts

Toyota Prius Parts

The Prius changed shapes and sizes over the years of production mainly due to customer demand. The economy was very sought after however some of the models were a bit limiting size wise for a family, which lead to larger models being made and sold around the world.

Rumour has it that Toyota want to relaunch the vehicle and have it known only as Toyota Prii which is the plural of Prius! In Auckland we call it Prius.

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Prius 1997 – 2003

Prius 1997 – 2003

Prius 2003 – 2009

Prius 2009

Prius C 2011


PRIUS NHW10 00-03



PRIUS C 2011