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October 22

Toyota parts online at Toyotaz Galore

For over 40 years Toyotaz Galore have been supplying a range of Toyota spare parts to New Zealanders and overseas. During that time we have tried to bring you Toyota parts online so you as a client can order with ease. This has been proved to be a very large project, the end result was the range of part numbers and the complexity of the numbers is very large. Well over 400,000 at last count and still counting.  This has led to us build our new search engine which accesses your search criteria based on make and model of your Toyota car. We then deliver an image showing the actual vehicle which ha sproved very popular for our clients.

We are adding at regular intervals the vehicles that we are coming into the yard plus the various new and used parts that we purchase for cars such as Toyota Rav4 and Toyota Prado. We find that the 4×4 parts are very sought after and in short supply in certain parts of New Zealand and overseas.

Toyota 4×4 parts range from Landcruisers through to the smaller models such as Rav4 and Hilux.

The search engine determines the make and model of the cars we wreck and then relates to our stock numbers to identify if the vehicle is in stock. This ha sproved to be very popular and useful to our client base.

But be quick as alot of parts and models get snapped up very quickly due to the shortage on these parts.

happy searching and remember the team is here to help you. Just pick up the phone and ring

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