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October 22

Toyota Lexus V8 in a RX7?

Hi Craig Connelly here from Touch Marketing Ltd. recently the guys at Toyotaz Galore invited me to try my hand at drifting in a RX7 with a Toyota V8 Lexus engine supplied by Toyotaz Galore.

I arrived at Hampton Downs near Hamilton on a frosty morning to an excited team of people all there to learn how to drift race. My first contact with the Toyota V8 was quite terrifying as the motor is so powerful and the car so light however after a few laps I started to get the hang of it and had the wheels howling like the rest of them.

The team at D1NZ rely on generous sponsors like Toyotaz Galore to help them with Toyota parts and assistance as the sport is still young and still growing.

Here are a few shots of the day


Note the winner for the day was a lady from Auckland. Guys you need to lift it up a notch to catch up with the lady drifters!

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